Government & Community


AMC aspires to have strong and open relationships with the Government of Guinea and its host communities.  Our Mining Convention with the Government of Guinea provides the ground rules for a transparent and mutually beneficial working relationship with our stakeholders.  AMC’s policies relating to Business Conduct and Communities can be found in the Company Policies section of our website.

AMC is committed to making decisions and supporting initiatives that are in line with established conventions and international standards.  We also wish to create opportunities and forums to support transparent communication and relationships with our local communities and governments and work collaboratively on projects that make a difference in a sustainable way. 

As an international company we are committed to obeying international protocols and conventions in relation to bribery, facilitation payments, transfer of funds and other financial transactions.  AMC has in place a Business Conduct Policy and has internal systems and procedures to ensure that we track all payments to Government and Communities in the form of levies, fees and taxes. 

We will not make or agree to make payments or confer benefits of any kind to influence the conduct of another person.  This includes payments, kickbacks, gifts or other benefits to induce third parties to improperly grant permits, licenses or benefits of any kind to which AMC would not otherwise be entitled.


In support of the recent announcements by the Government of Guinea to seek accreditation with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and in line with other international reporting requirements, AMC has committed to publish on a regular basis all payments that it makes in the forms of levies, fees, charges and taxes to the Government of Guinea for the Koumbia project.  AMC is now compiling this information and will publish it shortly on our website.  AMC is in the process of becoming a supporting member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and will provide further information as it becomes available.


AMC aspires to have a strong and transparent relationship with our communities.  As we progress our plans for community engagement and partnerships more information will be available on this page. 

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

What is EITI?

“3.5 billion people live in resource-rich countries. Still, many are not seeing results from extraction of their natural resources. And too often poor governance leaves citizens suffering from conflict and corruption. The EITI was formed to change this.” –

EITI was launched in 2002 at the World Summit for Sustainable Development. It aims to address the misuse of revenues derived from exploitation of natural resources that has plagued many resource-rich developing countries. EITI has put in place a reporting system to encourage transparency and accountability in the receipt and use of revenues from extractive industries. EITI supports good governance through the verification and full publication of payments by company and use of government revenues derived from oil, gas and mining.

Some 30 countries are now implementing the EITI.

Statement of Support

Alliance Mining Commodities adheres strictly to a policy of zero tolerance to all forms of corruption and unethical business practices. Our practices are governed by a series of policies that set the guiding principles in managing the environment, community relationships, occupational health and safety, employment and security. We expressly subscribe to the principles of EITI and its aim to strengthen governance through improving transparency and accountability in the broader extractive industries sector and support and promote its implementation.

Financial Contribution to the International Management of EITI

Alliance Mining Commodities contributed US$10,000 in July 2013.

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