Project Development

Koumbia Bauxite Project Development

The Koumbia Bauxite Project development plan comprises of the following:

  • Establishment of an 11Mtpa (wet) mining operation using surface miners;
  • Construction of a dedicated haul road, and the utilization of high capacity trucks to transport bauxite to port;
  • Construction of a port on the river Rio Nuñez loading into barges; and
  • Transhipping operations loading Cape Class Vessels for export to world markets.

The locations for the proposed mine, haul road, port and transhipping operations are shown in the regional map below.

Koumbia Bauxite Project development

Early works have commenced on the project, with the construction of a fly camp near Wendou M’Bour as a location to commence the mine infrastructure construction. This is also where AMC will have its Employment and Training Centre located.

An aerial view of the fly camp is shown in the images below, the location being the eventual site for the Wendou M’Bour Employment and Training Centre.

Koumbia Bauxite Project development

Aerial view of the recently completed ‘early works’ camp

Koumbia Bauxite Project development

Pre-start meeting in the morning

An airstrip will be built on the mine site starting in October 2019, with the remainder of construction to commence when Financial Close for the project is achieved in 2020.